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Health Coaching
for a Thriving

Tired of watching your employees struggle with chronic pain, stress, and sleep issues? It's no secret these can have a major impact on productivity, happiness, and company culture. At Rocket Crew, we believe healthy employees are the foundation of thriving businesses. That's why we offer remote health, fitness, and productivity coaching programs designed to empower your team to reach their full potential.Apply Now

Boost Health & Wellbeing

Reduce or eliminate chronic pain, improve sleep, and manage stress. Feel energized and focused throughout the day. Develop healthy habits for long-term wellbeing.

Enhance Productivity & Performance

Improve focus and concentration for increased efficiency. Reduce absenteeism and presenteeism. Build a more engaged and productive workforce.

Increase ROI & Company Culture

Decrease employee turnover with a happier and healthier team. Improve company morale and foster a positive culture. See a direct financial return on your investment in employee health.

Personalized Approach

Don't settle for generic advice. Our programs are tailored to your team's unique needs, delivered by certified coaches who understand the challenges specific to your industry. Get the support and guidance you need to achieve your individual health and wellness goals.

Expert Trainers

As someone who has coached CEOs and athletes for the past two years, I've seen the power of proven strategies in maximizing performance. Now, I'm bringing that same expertise to empower your team. Leverage my years of experience to unlock your team's potential and achieve lasting success.

Online & Convenient:

Busy schedules? No problem! Our flexible coaching sessions fit seamlessly into your team's day, accessible anywhere. Get the support you need, on your terms, without travel disruptions or impacting your workday. Maximize productivity and well-being, all online.

About us

At Rocket Crew, we believe healthy employees are the foundation of thriving businesses. We're passionate about helping companies unlock their full potential by empowering their teams to reach their peak health and well-being. We offer personalized, remote health, fitness, and productivity coaching programs, designed to address individual needs and fuel company success.


Jake's support and systems helped me overcome years long plateaus & win a gold medal.

Diego C. - Co-Founder

I'm going to be 70 in June with back problems that result from years of bad posture, repetitive stress and excessive sitting. Jake's been great. He's eased me into things at a pace that has been comfortable for me, yet that has shown results.

Carl R. - Producer

I sleep better, I feel incredible and my energy levels are through the roof. Finally a system that works.

Alvaro C. - CEO, Founder

Frequently Asked Questions

We address challenges like chronic pain, weight loss, sleep issues, focus, stress management, and low energy.

Cost & Investment Questions

Implementation Questions

Ready to unlock a healthier, happier, and more productive team?

At Rocket Crew we guarantee you will see:

- Improved chronic pain, energy, and sleep.
- A coaching program that fits your team's needs and budget.
- A dedicated coach to guide your team towards success.

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